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Copyright and Plagiarism : Ownership of Instructional Materials

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Alfaisal University Policy

 In general, faculty members own instructional materials they create, for more details on this issue, faculty memebesr need to contact the Provost Office

Here is an example from UNMC Compliance Officer

This section is found on page 98 of the Board of Regents policy. The section states:

Instructional Materials. "Instructional Materials" are other than Institutional Works, the primary use of which is for the instruction of students. Such works include textbooks, syllabi, lectures, lecture notes, and study guides. Instructional Materials developed by a faculty member in the process of delivering a course of instruction to students shall be the property of the faculty member. However, in the absence of a specific written agreement, and with the exception of books or other educational materials covered by Section 3.11 of the Bylaws of the Board of Regents, no royalty, rent or other consideration shall be paid to a faculty member when Instructional Materials are used at the University. Should the Author of Instructional Materials depart the employ of the University, he or she will provide the University with copies of the Instructional Materials (not including lecture notes) and shall grant the University a non-exclusive, royalty free license thereto, when it is determined by the University that such Instructional Materials are necessary to carry out the educational programs of the University. Recordings of lectures shall be the property of the faculty lecturer, unless the recording is an Institutional Work or a University Supported Work Involving use of substantial University resources.

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