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BIO 224 Human Physiology & Anatomy| Course Guide : Web Resources

Library materials and useful resources for students at BIO 224 Human Physiology & Anatomy compiled by Alfaisal University librarians


Google Web Search

General Anatomy Sites

Images and Pictures

ome of the images listed on this site are in the public domain, but not all. Before using any image look for a note about copyright. Using images without citing them is considered plagiarism.  Also, keep in mind that anything that is published is automatically copyright protected whether it contains the symbol or not.  You may be required to ask for permission and possibly to pay a fee before you can use images for publications or presentations. Images that are "free to copy" often have a note on them that states that they fall under a Creative Commons License or are in the public domain.

University of Iowa affiliates -- If you’d like help finding medical pictures on a particular subject, or making a page listing sites in a subject, contact Eric Rumsey.

Suggested Websites

Obtaining Further Help

Further help can be obtained via a number of different methods:

  • Check the Library home page.
  • See the Library staff at the Reference/Circulation desk.
  • Use the Ask A Librarian from which we aim to respond to within 2 working days
  • Take a Library skills course - see our our Information Lieracy page.
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