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PHU205 Mechanics and Waves for Life Sciences | Course Guide : Web Resources

Library materials and useful resources for students at PHU205 Mechanics and Waves for Life Sciences compiled by Alfaisal University librarians


Google Web Search

Life Science Education Related Websites

  • National and International Life Science Associations Associations involved in biomedical, biotechnology, and education areas.
  • BrainMaps An interactive brain atlas on the web.
  • BrainNavigator BrainNavigator allows you to browse and compare atlas plates, species and diagrams. And 3D modeling makes visualizing and understanding brain structures easier.
  • FishBase This is a global information system on fishes and includes practically all fish species known to science, including larval stages.
  • Ornithological Worldwide Literature Citations and abstracts from worldwide scientific literature, including gray literature on non-domesticated birds.
  • Primatelit Free database from the Wisconsin Primate Research Center indexing scientific literature on nonhuman primates.
  • Searchable Ornithological Research Archive Archival full text file of thirteen bird journals. Does not include current years.
  • eNature The site's core content of wildlife information on almost 6,000 individual species is the same data set used to create the printed Audubon Field Guides. All data has been carefully reviewed by leading biologists, zoologists and other natural history specialists.
  • Encyclopedia of LifeThis is a global effort to gather information about all plants and animals on earth.
  • Marine Photobank Photo Center Resource to collect and share marine photos.
  • National Wetlands Research Center This USGS site shares research to develop and disseminate scientific information needed for understanding the ecology and values of our nation's wetlands.
  • Scirus web search Scirus is Elsevier's science and engineering-focused free web search engine.
  • Sea Slug Forum An excellent resource for information on nudibranchs and related sea slugs.
    SciFinder Scholar (1907 to date).
    This provides online access to Chemical Abstracts and covers over 8,000 journals, plus patents, conference proceedings and other publications. SciFinder Scholar may be searched using words, research topic, names, formulae, chemical structures or substructures, generic of specific reactions, or CAS registry number. The service also includes Medline records from 1966.
  • Scopus. (1966 to date).This is a multidisciplinary database covering scientific, technical, medical and social science literature. It covers 14,000 journals and is updated daily.
  • Zoological Record (1978 to date) This database covers over 6,000 journals, books and other publications. No abstracts are provided. The printed Zoological Record is available for the period 1864-1977.
    EntrezEntrez is a life sciences search engine provided by the NCBI (National Centre for Biotechnology Information). It provides access to the PubMed version of the National Library of Medicine's Medline database, as well as a number of biological datasets, including nucleotide and protein sequence data (including GenBank), 3D protein structure data, complete genomes, taxonomic information and population study datasets. It is possible to do an Entrez global search or to search the component databases individually.

Life Science Education Professional Associations

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