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EE416 Computer Systems Engineering | Course Guide: Web Resources

Library materials and useful resources for students at EE 416 Computer Systems Engineering compiled by Alfaisal University librarians


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Electrical Engineering Related Websites

Virtual Library- Engineering
Investigate all of the engineering disciplines listed in this excellent online library.
Virtual Library- All Disciplines
Investigate the full breadth of disciplines in this online library.
Virtual Library - Electrical and Electronics Engineering
Treasure trove of Electrical Engineering resources on the Web.
Virtual Library Computing and Computer Science
Gateway to the resources specific sub-disciplines of computing.
Intute - Electrical, electronic and communications engineering
Compendium of quality EE websites covering Communications, Control, Electrical engineering, Electrical, electronic and communications engineering, Electronics, Light and optical technology, Robotics, Sound and acoustical technology.
IC Master
Find electrical parts and components including components' data sheets.
Free Registration required.
Chip Directory
Contains numerically and functionally ordered chip lists, chip pinouts and manufacturers.
eCircuit Center
Presents the complexities involved in designing, connecting and maintaining circuits. Schematics are based on the SPICE computer software that allows simulation of circuits and their components.
The Engineering Toolbox
Tools and Basic Information for Design, Engineering and Construction of Technical Applications.
Robot Information Central
For builders of robots, explore 100+ links to all facets of robotics.
Chuck's Robotics Notebook
Lots of very useful links includes sections on circuits, projects, controllers, and more.
Library of Electrical Theories and Laws
BOWest's library provides equations describing a large range of circuit types.
EngineersingToolbox - Electrical Formulas
The most commonly used electrical formulas as a handy reference.
Basic Electrical and Electronics Engineering Formulas
EE Reference page containing Theorems, Circuit Design and Analysis, as well as example Electrical calculations.
Electrical Engineering Calculators
Calculators are divided into categories based on their applications.
Signals, Systems and Control Demonstrations
Website from John Hopkins with a collection of Java applets and RealAudio clips that "explain may underlying concepts of mathematics and signal engineering."
IEEE Computer Society Acronyms and Abbreviations
Enter your term in the search box or browse alphabetically through EE related terms.
Electropedia The World's Online Electrotechnical Vocabulary
Electropedia ("IEV Online") is the world's most comprehensive online electrical and electronic terminology database containing more than 20,000 terms and definitions.
Organized by subject area in English and French, with equivalent terms in many other languages.

Careers in Electrical Engineering

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