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Citation Analysis, measuring your research impact : Citation Analysis

Compiled Guidelines, tutorials and video materials on how to use and interpret data from Scopus and Web of Knowledge (ISI) prepared by Alfaisal University librarians.

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Citation Analysis

This chapter, by Jeppe Nicolaisen, presents a critical review of the theories that have formed and/or continue to form the basic assumptions underlying citation analysis.

Citation Analysis

What is Citation Analysis?

Citation Analysis, also called bibliometrics, is the study of citations to and from documents. This study allows one to determine the impact of ones work by the frequency with which it is cited.

Common bibliometric databases are:

According to the Dictionary for Library and Information Science, bibliometrics is the "use of mathematical and statistical methods to study and identify patterns in the usage of materials and services within a library or to analyse the historical development of a specific body of literature, especially its authorship, publication and use." (2004, 73]

Citation Analysis History

A brief history of where scientific citations came from. David Pendlebury of Thomson Reuters gives us the lowdown.

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