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FIN308 Managerial Finance | Course Guide : Web Resources

Library materials and useful resources for students at FIN308 Managerial Finance compiled by Alfaisal University librarians


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Finance Related Websites

  •   Bank of America Merrill Lynch Capital Eyes Taken directly from their website it says "CapitalEyes is a complimentary, bi-monthly e-newsletter from Bank of America Business Capital that helps mid-size and large businesses and their advisors stay informed about developments in leveraged finance."
  • BizJournals Similar to Yahoo provides selections about what is trending now, Business News, visit a local business journal, a how to list and much more.
  • Financial Glossary More than 8,000 entries with 18,000 links compiled by Dr. J. Paul Stitch at Duke University.
  • Bureau of Public Debt Their job is to borrow money to operate the Federal Government and to account for the resulting debt.
    CEO Express This mega site has been around for a long time and keeps growing each day. It may have too much information for you to absorb on it's page.
  • CNN Money The day's top business and market news.
  • Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council Established in 1979 to prescribe uniform principles, standards, and report forms for Federal Examinations for financial institutions.
  • Financial Management Service The U.S. Government's financial manager, central disburser, collections agent, accountant, and reporter financial information.
  • Financial Times Track global stocks and markets of the day.
  • How to read a financial report Designed by WSJ to help you read the newspaper more effectively.
  • Office of the Comptroller of the Currency Regulates and supervises national banks.
  • Survey of Current Business - From the Bureau of Economic Analysis contains national and international industries.
  • U.S. Mint Mission to produce sufficient amount of coinage to meet the demands of commerce.

Internet Links







  • American Fact Finder U.S. Census Bureau fact finder. Obtain data in the form of maps, tables and reports.
  • Statistical Abstract Statistics online summarizing the social, political and economic organization of the U.S. with data from the Census Bureau, Bureau of Labor Statistics, Bureau of Economic Analysis and others.
  • Consumer Expenditure Survey Provides information on the buying habits of American consumers, including data on their expenditures, income, and consumer unit characteristics.

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