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PENG 008 Preparatory English VIII | Course Guide : Web Resources

Library materials and useful resources for students at PENG008 Preparatory English VIII compiled by Alfaisal University librarians


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National Public Radio

Online English News

Study Skills

  • Advanced Composition for Non-Native Speakers of English The main objective of this site is to help non-native English speakers write for an English speaking academic audience which necessarily includes organization of ideas, the single greatest weakness among many non-native English speakers.
  • EAP English Exercises: Academic essays and academic writing A collection of online exercises designed to practice skills for writing different kinds of essays. Users can also compare their answers against a series of model essays.
  • How-to-Study: Articles A selection of practical articles about study skills and related areas. The currently available articles are grouped into categories including language, notetaking, remembering, studying, and taking tests.
  • Purdue Online Writing LabThe Online Writing Lab (OWL) provides writing resources and instructional material. Users can also submit brief, writing-related questions to the OWL Mail Tutors. You may also find the new grammar blog useful.
  • UEfAP: Academic WritingExplains how to write academic essays and reports; includes information on research, paragraphs, plagiarism, references and grammar. Also has a check list and a set of exercises.
  • Academic LiteracySite contains useful information about essay writing, critical reflection, referencing, editing, oral presentations, effective notetaking and active reading.
  • Using English for Academic PurposesA guide for students in Higher Education. Includes material for listening, reading, speaking, vocabulary and writing.
  • Free TOEFL Practice
  • Test Magic
  • Test Prep Review
  • TOEFL Grammar Practice Quiz


  • BBC: Learning English This site from the UK's BBC includes resources for General and Business English, Grammar, Vocabulary and Pronunication, Quizzes, Videos and Podcasts.
  • English Club English Club is designed to help you learn English online. You can get help with English grammar, study grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation, play games and do English quizzes online and chat in English with other students and teachers.
  • Natural English Contains lots of practice activities, from beginner to upper-intermediate level, to help you improve your English naturally. Includes grammar and vocabulary exercises, games and reading for fun.
  • Australia Network - Learning English - Learning Programs A series of television programs to help with listening and improving English skills. Programs are: Passport to English; Nexus; English Bites; The Business of English; Study English; and Living English. Video podcasts can be downloaded.
  • English-Zone.ComA collection of English resources divided into different zones, including grammar, reading, verbs, pronunciation, idioms and spelling. Some content is freely available but the rest requires a subscription.
  • ESL PartyLand Student Learning A site with English Lessons based around a variety of topics. Also includes information about ways of learning English, plus quizzes and games.
  • UsingEnglish.comLearn English with the free tools for ESL students, including English language references, activities including tests and polls, and articles on English usage. The ESL forum is the perfect place get help learning English, where people are online to answer your questions 24 hours a day.
  • Academic English Cafe - Home for Learning English with Quizzes, Games, Model Essays and More Learn English online at your own pace. Take free English language quizzes, practice academic vocabulary, find great books on learning English, read model essays, listen to authentic English language podcasts and more.
  • English4Today Hundreds of grammar and vocabulary resources, online courses, IELTS, Business English, and Writing courses, video English lessons, podcasts, downloadable software. Join the most active English learning and teaching communities on the Internet. Membership is free

Obtaining Further Help

Further help can be obtained via a number of different methods:

  • Check the Library home page.
  • See the Library staff at the Reference/Circulation desk.
  • Use the Ask A Librarian from which we aim to respond to within 2 working days
  • Take a Library skills course - see our our Information Lieracy page.
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