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PHL312 Ethics in International Affairs | Course Guide : Web Resources

Library materials and useful resources for students at PHL312 Ethics in International Affairs compiled by Alfaisal University librarians


Google Web Search

Philosophy Related Websites


E-Texts and Papers

Blogs and Podcasts

Discussion Lists (Listservs)

Popular Magazines

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Fun and Humor

Additional Resources

Philosophy Resources on the Internet

  •  Philosophy Resources on the Internet.
  • Past Masters: Hume Content: The Complete Works and Correspondence of David Hume.
  • Perseus Digital Library One of the premier sites to find texts from and resources for doing research in the Classical era.
  • Philosophy Bites Features some 140 conversations, around 15 minutes long, with leading professional philosophers chiefly in the US and Britain.
  • PHILWEB A variety of resources, both 'off-line' (such as bibliographies, definitions, and surveys of theorists, regions and topics) and 'on-line' (links to relevant URLs).


Obtaining Further Help

Further help can be obtained via a number of different methods:

  • Check the Library home page.
  • See the Library staff at the Reference/Circulation desk.
  • Use the Ask A Librarian from which we aim to respond to within 2 working days
  • Take a Library skills course - see our our Information Lieracy page.
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