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Research Methods Information : Get Organized

Research Methods Information

Selected Books on Home Office Organization

VIDEO: Home Office Design Ideas

"How can you increase your productivity in your workspace and keep stress levels low? We have some home office design ideas and desk-space suggestions to keep you comfortable and calm while you're hard at work." [video description]

A lively presentation with some solid ideas!

Runtime: 5:14 min

Before You Begin, Organize!


A key part of doing research is organizing the entire project.

Taking the time right at the beginning of your research project to plan what you will be doing and how you can best carry that out. It will save you a lot of unnecessary worry and concern. Below are general information and links.  See also the Data Management section under this tab.

VIDEO: The Science of Productivity

This YouTube video was made by Mitchell Moffit (Twitter @mitchellmoffit) and Gregory Brown (Twitter @whalewatchmeplz). in collaboration with Sparring Mind, the behavioral psychology blog. Read the full productivity post:

Runtime: 3:15 min


Organize your time

You'll also want to organize your research project work schedule.

 calendar month


Plan where you will do your work

Take some time to organize your workspace.

Neat home office desk


If you are deployed, doing double-duty as a parent who works, are a single parent, working in a small space, or do not have a permanent location for your research project, you are probably already skilled at having to find a smaller than ideal space to do your studying. 

When doing a research project, it will be more important than ever to keep your workspace neat and organized. Your goal from the outset is to make sure that everything you need is always there when you sit down to work.

Here are some ideas for keeping your materials and yourself organized.


Use your technology

Organizing your computer files at the start will help you stay organized as you do your research.

open laptop computer

Selected Books on Time Management

Selected Books on Computer File Management

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