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Research Methods Information : Institutional Review Board and Research Ethics

Research Methods Information

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What is Meant by Research Ethics?

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"Research ethics is specifically interested in the analysis of ethical issues that are raised when people are involved as participants in research."

The three objectives of ethical research:

  1. To protect human participants.
  2. To ensure that research is conducted in a way that serves interests of individuals, groups and/or society as a whole.
  3. To examine specific research activities and projects for their ethical soundness, looking at issues such as the management of risk, protection of confidentiality and the process of informed consent.

From What is Research Ethics? by Nancy Walton, Ph.D.

VIDEO: Introduction to Ethics in Qualitative Research

First in a series by Dr. Jason J. Campbell of Nova Southeastern University (FL).

Dr. Jason Campbell is the founder and Executive Director for the Institute for Genocide Awareness and Applied Research (IGAAR). He has written several books and publishes primarily in the field of genocide awareness and prevention. Dr. Campbell's research interest include genocide studies and prevention, the problem of evil, state endorsed mass extermination and the theoretical understanding of exclusionary ideologies.

Published January 5, 2012 | Runtime: 10.00 min.
PDF of notes to this presentation.

Selected Books on Research Ethics

Selected Journals on Research Ethics

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